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At ARX Capital we cater to wealthy individuals, ensuring your financial growth in a safe and controlled manner. While ARX Capital takes care of the challenging work, you and your family can live life. Together we will help you achieve your goals.

We believe that building relationships with our clients is the foundation for future success and thus our dedicated team at ARX Capital will always put your interests and needs first. We will provide you with a unique strategy and a level of interaction that is unparalleled.

At ARX Capital we have tailor-made strategies made to various types of clients, find out more about our strategies based on your investment needs and characteristics through our client breakdown.

We serve people like You

Active Entrepreneur

While you take care of your business and grow it, do you want to ensure that the wealth you generate is managed with care and dedication? 

Building a business and making it successful requires similar principles to managing the wealth it generates. As entrepreneurs, we understand your need for fast, straight-to-the-point service when planning and implementing your investments. Your daily activities require constant decision-making while always bearing the responsibility for your venture. This creates the need to delegate and outsource your wealth management to a trusted partner who understands your lifestyle and can adapt to it.

We help you build your portfolio investments close to your passions while being aware of your international lifestyle in the ever-changing global environment. ARX Capital understands that you want a clear line of constant communication and transparency while providing you with an unparalleled level of protection. Speak to our team and learn more about ARX Capital’s wealth management services for the Active Entrepreneur.

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Independent Investor

You have handed over the day-to-day management of your business or even successfully exited it and would like to dedicate your time to your private wealth?

ARX Capital adds value to investors who wish to take an active role in managing their wealth. Making use of our in-house resources, as well as our established partner network, our role is to guide you through the vast and uncertain world of investment opportunities. 

Depending on your needs and your level of knowledge and experience, our services range from fast and reliable execution to ad-hoc investment ideas to comprehensive research to reviews of existing investments.

Our services allow you to have more time for your family and enjoying life while not giving up control of your financial growth. Speak to our team and learn more about ARX Capital’s wealth management services for the Independent Investor.

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Young Entrepreneur

Have you recently started your own venture and already thought about how to manage the wealth it creates for you?

ARX Capital understands your individual needs as Young Entrepreneur. You are highly absorbed by building and growing your venture, its principal proceeds did not yet materialize, and you are new to the world of private wealth. We provide custom-made and innovative services and expose you to a multitude of information on portfolio investments, private wealth, and your areas of passion. We keep information clear and to the point but help you learn along the way to ensure you grow your portfolio as well as your abilities and experience.

Speak to our team and learn more about ARX Capital’s wealth management services for the Young Entrepreneur.

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Are you in a top management position of a large organization, looking for a professional wealth manager that protects and grows your private assets? 

ARX Capital is experienced in providing quality services to Executive Investors. The ARX Capital Executive client strategy is a combination of all our strategic planning merged into the perfect solution for top senior managers. While managing your assets, we consider your active lifestyle and career focus. While on business travel, during meetings, or from your home office, ARX Capital operates at your speed and your mediums.  

Speak to our team and learn more about ARX Capital’s wealth management services for the Executive Investor.

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Our Investment Process


Our Investment Process
Our 6 step process provides a tailored strategy for each one of our clients' needs.

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Portfolio Management

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Smart Strategies
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ARX’s portfolio management uses rules-based investment strategies. Our strategies are adaptive as they use risk-adjusted performance metrics to intelligently allocate between core assets like U.S. and international equities, bonds and gold. Our systematic approach takes emotions out of investing making the process more resilient against fears of large market swings.

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Beyond Asset Diversification - Meta Strategies
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Our portfolios are built from individual strategies. They not only diversify across asset classes (equities, bonds, gold etc.) but also across strategies. So, while one strategy is underperforming another one or more may be outperforming which helps to lower the portfolio’s overall volatility without sacrificing performance.

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Our strategies employ multiple techniques, including risk-adjusted momentum and mean reversion to rotate out of both weaker single investments and/or entire strategies into stronger ones.

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Our strategies include dynamic hedging mechanisms to help protect against large market corrections. Our hedging strategies can include government bonds, gold and currencies.

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Investing with ARX Capital gives you access to a comprehensive range of wealth management solutions. Get in touch if you’d like to know how we can support your investment and wealth planning needs. We’ll be delighted to provide additional details of our services.