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Wealth Management

ARX Capital offers a remarkable personal touch and an exceptional hands-on approach to managing your wealth. Our team starts with understanding you and your ambitions to ensure a unique solution is in place for every step throughout our journey.

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Portfolio Management

When it comes to managing your portfolios, a dedicated team is built around you and your preferences. Through constant communication and adherence to our unique investment strategies, you can be confident that your portfolio is being supervised and managed efficiently through any market situation in order to deliver on the defined goals.

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Investment Advice

You are a proactive investor; who defines his/her own investment strategies? We are your partner of choice to help you close the gaps with comprehensive research, tailor-made ideas on tactical opportunities, or simply delivering a qualified second opinion.

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Wealth Protection

At ARX Capital, preserving and protecting your wealth is our top priority. However, numerous internal and external factors can threaten the safety of wealth at the most unexpected moments in life. Together with our qualified external service providers, we help you identify the exposure of your wealth, draw together the crucial lines of defense and lead your ship through calm and stormy waters.

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Investing with ARX Capital gives you access to a comprehensive range of wealth management solutions. Get in touch if you’d like to know how we can support your investment and wealth planning needs. We’ll be delighted to provide additional details of our services.